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Preparing To Sell

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Improve your homes kerb appeal!  When presenting your property for sale it is always important to make sure you are giving the best first impression.  Consider painting your front door, sweep away any leaves, mow the lawn and make sure your garden looks neat and tidy to give the best impression possible.

De-clutter wherever possible, not only will this help when it’s time to move but will give the best impression possible and attract maximum interest.  Tidy away personal items such as toys, paperwork and family photographs, this gives buyers the space to visualise themselves living in your house.  There is no avoiding those little DIY jobs that you have been putting off! Take some time finish painting jobs, nail down squeaking floorboards etc.  

We recommend that you line up your solicitor in advance, this means as soon as you receive an offer you are ready without any unnecessary delays.  Make sure that your paperwork is ready to pass on to your solicitor.  You will been to obtain any planning or building consent paperwork, leasehold paperwork etc.  Your solicitor will be able to advise you on the type of paperwork you need to gather.